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Business Counseling and Services

Consulting support is offered to all Incubator clients in a variety of management, financial, marketing and administrative areas by our Small Business Development Center personnel, and the Management Assistance Team (MAT) -- community professionals.

General Business Counsel The Incubator staff and other consultants provide direction to the owners of emerging businesses on many topics:

  • Growth strategies
  • Business best practices
  • Market identification & marketing channels
  • Financing options
  • Building an advisory group

Financing Sources Incubator staff members will assist entrepreneurs in accessing financial resources and acquaint them with financing alternatives including:

  • Start up funds
  • Research and development funds (SBIR)
  • Working capital
  • Bank loans
  • Seed and venture capital

Business Plan Review Experienced counsel is available for the development of new business plans as well as the analysis of completed plans. The Incubator staff will provide recommendations in the following areas:

  • Purpose of the business plan
  • Components of the business plan
  • Information gathering strategies
  • Sources of information
  • Plan outlines
  • Format for financial projections
  • Review of drafts of component parts
  • Critique of completed plans


In an effort to preserve client's working capital, the Incubator is equipped with a copier, fax machines, and typewriter for client usage. Audiovisual equipment is available for rent.

Entrepreneurial Training and Development Training is made available to clients to reinforce skills in certain areas of business and to teach new skills. Networking opportunities are provided to clients to learn from interaction with other entrepreneurs. Focus in on developing the entrepreneur with the acquired skills into consistently demonstrating best business practices.


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